The Official Biography

Digital arts and culture are the spheres where Jen Castro works and plays. She found her footing in Vancouver, BC through navigating the diverse cultural spaces in the DTES, engaging in arts and culture programs and working on niche projects for community organizations by building on skills advanced at the BCIT New Media Design Program.

Jen's keen eye developed in her undergraduate studies as a painter and photographer and later evolved into independent experimentation in the digital arts. Graphic design was a logical path to follow and hands on skills and professional practice were fostered at Design International in Toronto working as the in-house graphic designer. Adding hard skills and experience with digital media and event based community building makes Jen an exceptionally well rounded media artist and unique in the Vancouver design scene. Her greatest strength is in putting ideas and media together, creating engaging multidisciplinary and interactive experiences.

Stylistically, she is inspired by the physical and mental spaces people occupy. Ideologically, however, her inspiration comes from sharing knowledge and communicating human experience in new ways. Community building, knowledge sharing and creating new perspectives are the fundamental objectives of the work she puts out there. Jen wants to make waves.

jen castro


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