Hope In Shadows - Make a Difference

Not everyone has opportunities to work on projects with great exposure fresh out of school, but I was lucky enough to have a contact in Hope In Shadows. I was given the task to put together the first ever video promotion for the not-for-profit that is to be screened in Vancouver's Festival Cinemas Working closely with the directors, Paul and Carolyn, a core concept was identified and story-boards were drawn.

The production process was a mix of extracting and reconstructing existing graphics, filming street scenes and animating the content using Adobe After Effects. Finding suitable audio took a bit of time but I was lucky enough to get the track "Starstruck" donated by Button Fields, a local Vancouver band. Thanks to the expertise of Rufus Waterlow, a great audio edit was put together that brings even more life to the animation.

We were fortunate enough to receive donations of advertising space Shaw TV and at Canada Line Skytrain Stations, for which the above ten second spot was created. The Hope In Shadows Photography Contest Awards Ceremony held in early October was the debut of the full length version along with a memorial video produced by my colleague.

In all it has been an incredible experience to work as art director and production artist on a project of this scale. The icing on the cake is that I was able to use my talents for a great cause.

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Promotional Video

Motion Graphics

I was inspired by the photograph. Hope in Shadows is about bringing life to the Downtown East Side and it seemed fitting that the cover photo of the 2010 Calendar was able to come alive in this video. Capturing the energy of the campaign while telling a story about the project was the primary goal to help build recognition of the Hope in Shadows calendar.
This is a project in motion.