Bikewallah - Bringing Bike Sharing to Vancouver

Vancouver is full of people with vision. Our urban community has a reputation for being progressive, embracing sustainable practices and being full of cyclists. The team at Bikewallah are focused on designing the most convenient bike share system out there, and because of our bike friendly infrastructure, Vancouver was chosen as their launch site.

This start-up is working hard to integrate cycling into the daily commute of local urbanites by bringing custom bikes to the streets. "We're leveraging the social web and mobile applications to create a new type of urban bike-share system that's ultra convenient, easy to use and economical, while keeping costs down by effectively utilizing technology and the city's existing infrastructure. " Though Bikewallah is in the development phase, they know spreading the word about their vision will help create opportunities to bring people onboard the project and to get support to make their vision a reality. That is where I come in.

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Promotional Video

Motion Graphics

The project was simple: create an engaging video that prompts enthusiasm while delivering a whole lot of information. This video was designed for use in business presentations it and runs longer than your typical commercial. Lots of collaboration with the client was a key component in bringing the narrative together. The biggest challenge was communicating with some ambiguity specific features of the technologies that will make this system work well.
Animating the elements was the most fun part of this project, especially making use of the 3D camera to create motion. Getting the cyclist moving with a looping expression on a puppeted graphic was definitely my eureka moment.