Vamos Lentos - Video Installation

I have decided I need to do more art these days so am experimenting with video while engaging in climate justice and social activism.
Shot in Ft. McMurray Alberta it shows the ground level view of the road as all those participating in the 4th Annual Tar Sands Healing Walk take steps together in protecting the land and water through intention and spiritual meditation. Inspired by a quote I came across, "Vamos lentos porque vamos lejos" (We go slowly because we go far), this piece is about baring witness to the energy put into making a profound and lasting impact through, traditional learning practices and collective visceral experiences.
The intension is to build, through crowd-sourcing, a multilingual piece that translates some words spoken by Melina Laboucan-Massimo before the walk. Once completed I would like this to be shared the with a immigrant population in Canada and with allies in other countries subject to extraction by Canadian corporations.

Can't see the video?

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Promotional Video

Motion Graphics

The project was simple: create an engaging video that prompts enthusiasm while delivering a whole lot of information. This video was designed for use in business presentations it and runs longer than your typical commercial. Lots of collaboration with the client was a key component in bringing the narrative together. The biggest challenge was communicating with some ambiguity specific features of the technologies that will make this system work well.
Animating the elements was the most fun part of this project, especially making use of the 3D camera to create motion. Getting the cyclist moving with a looping expression on a puppeted graphic was definitely my eureka moment.